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Passeig la Plana, 8, 17860 Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

Google map: 42°13'54.2"N 2°17'02.6"E

From Andorre: N-145, N-260 and C-16

From Girona / Gironne: C-66 and N-260a

From Barcelona: C-17and N-260a

From Figueres: N-260, A-26 and N-260a






When you wake up every morning, do you ever wish to break up forever with that friend who marks your hours?

If you have ever dreamed of that little instant, then you are one more of the "Satori community". 

Satori is born of a dream and dreams. When you least expect it, what your imagination has drawn with aromas, colours, small sensations, an almost imperceptible sound, just a murmur; all this takes shape without knowing how or why.

Life is wise, it leads you without haste to a place you would not have even imagined. You just need to be attentive and know how to listen.

We believe in dreams, in imagination, and now we know for ourselves that when you want something firmly, the universe is making that longing take shape subtly, little by little, and it makes its way from somewhere, that nourishes itself with goodness and energy and the dream becomes... real.

Now, after a complicated duel between what we wanted and what we needed, what we could do and what we should do, what we lived and what we dreamed of. After many conversations about how to go on with a life we didn’t embrace, playing a game that we didn’t feel our own, fighting every day for a salary and get nowhere, we decided to bet everything on a card that we all have in our pocket and we are so afraid to use. We decided to bet on our illusion.

We decided to look for the green meadow, the water’s lullaby, the smell of flowers, the walks with our dogs. We decided to take the gift that life put before us and live surrounded by what we like most. We want to share this with all those who close their eyes and seek the same meadow, the same water, the same air... with all those who, like us, who believe that the moment you live is worth being enjoyed, simply, simple...

The past is behind you, the future will come.The present, the moment you are living right now is what you have; that water, that flower, that air ... a huge blank canvas waiting for you to take the brush and start painting. 

Today Satori is that blank canvas that we decided to start painting some time ago. There are still some retouches, some brushstroke to be done, but the most important is done, and it is very similar to what one day we had in our imagination.

Now we are just missing you to keep us dreaming and to dream with us because sometimes dreams are fulfilled.

  • Garden
  • No pets
  • Free wifi

Guest Reviews

Daniel Ballart Sans

Daniel Ballart Sans

02/01/2020 18:06:25

Maravillas de la vida


Nos deshumanizamos. Hablar, tocar, abrazar...parecen del pasado. Gracias Kiku y Juan por tantos momentos gratos. Por las conversaciones, por los abrazos, por el cariño y por ser tan humanos. Un beso a todos: Kiku, Juan, Fanta, Fosco y Jonás.

Susanna Balcells Comas

Susanna Balcells Comas

22/10/2019 11:48:52

Escapada de tardor a Casa Satori


Gràcies Kiko per una acollida calida i franca. El lloc és preciós i fa honor a la qualificació de Casa amb Encant.

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